Spring MVC with Spring Boot, Kotlin, and Thymeleaf

This post shows a sample Spring MVC application developed with Spring Boot, Kotlin, and Thymeleaf. Generally speaking, it is now possible and safe to port your Java-based Spring MVC application codes to Kotlin or start writing new Spring MVC applications in Kotlin already.

Trim String Values From Properties Files in Spring Boot

This post demonstrates how to trim string values from .properties files using SpringApplicationBuilder and a subclass of or anonymous class of StandardEnvironment supplied to the builder with overridden getProperty(String) and getProperty(String, String) methods.

Validate Properties Files At Startup in Spring Boot

A .properties file contains lines of string pair. Each string pair consists of a parameter name (called the key), and parameter value. This post is about how to validate the parameter value at the application startup.

Spring Boot – How to unit test RESTful API URLs

This post demonstrates how to unit test RESTful API URLs using Spring Boot 1.5.10RELEASE. We basically just want to ensure the list of URLs still work and match what has been documented per specification.

Using An SFTP Server, Apache Camel and Spring Boot

Applications can communicate with each other in various means. One is by uploading and downloading files to and from an FTP server. But for development, we often test our applications on our local machines. Therefore, it makes sense to have