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How to Install Rust on Windows 11

We can now install Rust on Windows a lot easier on Windows 11 (and probably in Windows 10 too) than before with the new Rust installer.  Previously, we would go through a number steps to install Rust on Windows. The undertaking was relatively easy but not as easy as now wherein we only need to run the rustup-init.exe file and choose some options.


To start with, we only need the following items and the installer will take care of the rest base on our input.

  1. rustup-init.exe
  2. Windows 11

Install Rust on Windows 11

When we download and run the Rust installer rustup-init.exe, we get the following screen output.

Install rust windows 11

We can now choose Quick install and the Visual Studio Community and the installer will kickstart on Windows 11, as shown below.


Once the installation is complete, we get the following screen.

Install rust windows 11

Then, we see the final screen of the installation process.

Install rust windows 11

We do not need to sign in or create an account. Instead, click Skip this for now. Then, we go back to the terminal to finalize the installation.

Next, choose option 1 to Proceed with installation (default). The option will download and install Rust.

Then, we can work with Rust after we completely install it on Windows 11.

Rust still has a very steep learning curve, but the ease with which we can install Rust now on our machines brings the language to more people.


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