How to Install Rust on Windows 11

We can now install Rust on Windows a lot easier on Windows 11 (and probably in Windows 10 too) than before with the new Rust installer.  Previously, we would go through a number steps to install Rust on Windows. The

Spring Boot – Using annotations with Apache Camel

This post shows how to use Spring Boot and dependency injection with Apache Camel and have Spring add routes and start and stop CamelContext automatically. The Spring way for Apache Camel In the previous post, Spring Boot – Copy File

Create a Spring Boot Application using IntelliJ

Using Spring Boot is the fastest way to get up to speed in developing modern applications. But how do we create the initial codebase that works out of the box? There are three ways – by hand, the Spring Initialzr,

Access Embedded in-memory H2 Used in Spring Boot

When we use an embedded in-memory H2 database with Spring Boot, we can access the data via H2’s web console. If we use Spring Security, we need to exclude the /h2-console URL from the authentication process. You also need to

Spring Boot – Loading Data Using a SQL Script

This post demonstrates how loading data from an SQL script for a particular database platform. This is ideal for development stage when you need some seed data to fill in existing database tables.