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Spring Boot – Loading Data Using a SQL Script

This post demonstrates how to load data from an SQL script for a particular database platform. This post is ideal for the development stage when you need some seed data to fill in existing database tables.

Spring Boot Application

Let’s create a new Spring Boot Application using IntelliJ (optional) and Spring Initialzr (or

Step 1: Create a New Project

Choose Spring Initialzr. Then, click Next.

Step 2: Provide project information

Then, provide some information for Maven.

Step 3: Choose JPA and H2

Then, choose JPA and H2.

Step 4: Save the new project

Step 5: Create an entity class

The following class represents the Person table in our H2 database.

Step 5: Modify

Update the file with the following value.

With this setting, Spring will look for an SQL script data-h2.sql in the src/main/java/resources/ directory. Then, it will execute all the SQL statements in the script.

If we had spring.datasource.platform=hsqldb, Spring will try to load an SQL script named data-hsqldb.sql

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Step 6: Unit Test

Lastly, we test our codes.

Download the codes


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