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Spring Boot + Spring Security with Multiple Login Forms and User Types

Application Requirement

I’m working on some personal project that handles 4 different user types (e.g., students, instructors, registrar employees, security personnel). Each user type is stored in a separate user table. With these, I require four (4) login forms.

Software Requirement

For this blog, the following are used.

  1. IntelliJ IDEA (optional)
  2. JDK 8
  3. Spring Initizr (
  4. Spring Boot  1.4.2.RELEASE
    1. Thymeleaf
    2. Spring Security

The codes

Login Form

Using Thymeleaf, we have this studentLogin.html file. Now notice line # 17. We specify the type of user using a hidden field.

For other user types, you may need to specify different user types in a similar way.


Custom Filter

We need a filter to get the additional parameter from the HttpServletRequest and set it as a HttpSession attribute.

Then include this new filter in the filter chain by modifying your security configuration Java file.

UserDetailService Implementation

You would then retrieve that parameter using RequestContextHolder.


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    SecurityUser give error “SecurityUser cannot be resolved to a type”
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