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How to Restore Your Custom MastHead in NetWeaver AS


Just as I was about to create Software Test Plan (STP) documents, I decided to restore the web application’s original header using the original masthead (.par) file when all of a sudden, the procedure did not yield the expected result.  The header section is now displaying a runtime error. Suddenly, my stress level skyrocketed, and I panicked.

Hardware Environment


Software Environment

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1
  • Putty – Release 0.62
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server
    • ​  – 7.00 SP26 (1000.
    • – 7.00 SP26 (1000.

MastHead Component no Displaying and the Associate Runtime Error

Restoring the MastHead worked before by first importing the .par file into NetWeaver Developer Studio and then export-deploy it. But it just did not work this time.  I did everything manually to resolve this, but nothing worked. I went home feeling somewhat devastated.


Once I reached home, I took a nap. Then, tried resolving the issue again and found the solution.

Upload .par file and Restart SAP NetWeaver AS

The solution is to copy your custom masthead (.par) to a certain directory on the server and restart NetWeaver AS. It worked!


  1. Upload your custom masthead.par to the host where SAP NetWeaver AS is running.
  2. Copy masthead.par to /usr/sap/<SID>/<instance>/j2ee/cluster/server?/apps/
  3.  Restart SAP NetWeaver AS

Upon successful restart, masthead.par will be renamed to masthead.par.bak



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