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Path Parameter and JSON Payload in Actix-Web

This post demonstrates how to capture path parameters and JSON payload in Actix-web.

Path Parameter And JSON Payload

A path parameter is a type of parameter provided to an application as part of a URI in an HTTP Request. For instance, wherein 1 is a path parameter value and may represent a Post ID. How to extract what from a URI is determined by the application. A JSON payload refers to the JSON content of an HTTP Request Body. When sending JSON, the HTTP Request must specify Content-Type=application/json as one of its headers.

Sample REST API Using Actix-Web

Assuming we have the following URL.

The JSON payload to send to the server using HTTP PUT and the URL.

Rust and Actix-Web Codes

First, we need to update Cargo.toml and put in a dependency Actix-Web.

Next, we need 2 structs. The JSONPayload struct represents the JSON payload. It needs the Deserialize trait so the server codes can automatically deserialize JSON from an HTTP request into a struct instance. Meanwhile, the Response struct represents an empty HTTP response from the server.

Next, we need a request handler to pick up the Path Parameter from the URL and JSON from the HTTP request body. To refer to each, we use web::Path and web::Json types as function parameters.

Finally, we need the main function to start Actix-Web from. Here we map the path /persons/{person_id}  and HTTP PUT to the handle_request function

Test Codes

This is testing with PostMan. First, we set the HTTP headers Accept and Content-Type. Also, we specify the HTTP method PUT and the URL. The URL is localhost:8088/persons/1 where 1 is Person ID.

Next, we set the body to a JSON value.

Then, click the Send button to send the request to the server. When the Actix-Web application received the request, it outputs the following on the console.

Meanwhile, PostMan will receive an empty response.

Tested with Rust 1.37.0.


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