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Actix-Web: The Most Fun Rust Web Framework Is Back!

The most fun Rust web framework is back with a new project leader! I feel relieved by its comeback. Today, I was trying out one of the alternatives to Actix-web. But I was having difficulties making it read and parse an HTTP Request body to a JSON. Worse, the examples are not even working with the latest release version. Then, out of the blue, I decided to check out the Actix-Web GitHub repository. I wanted to see the “Actix Project Postmortem” message again but saw the project is back!

Project Future: The New Actix-Web

The author Nickolay Kim has brought Actix-Web back as an open-source project. His decision to move on still stands, but he has promoted Yuki Okushi as the new project leader.

I realized, a lot of people depends on actix. And it would be unfair to just delete repos. I promote @JohnTitor to project leader. He did very good job helping me for the last year. I hope new community of developers emerge. And good luck!

What a relief!

Moving On Is Hard

There are alternatives to Actix-Web, and all of them are worthy of attention and usage in real projects. However, everything is a lot easier with Actix-Web. Some people who are new to Actix-Web are also Rust beginners. They have had their fair share of compiler errors thrown at their faces, and having to deal with web framework technical issues and complexities make Rust a lot steeper to learn.


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