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Install Jenkins in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS EC2

This post demonstrates how to install Jenkins in Red Hat Enterprise Linux in AWS EC2.


Install Jenkins

Step 1: Download Jenkins

Login to our EC2 instance via putty. Then change to super user:

Use the following command to download Jenkins:

Then invoke the following command:


Step 2: Install Jenkins

Invoke the following command:

Type y and press enter to proceed.


Step 3: Start Jenkins


Step 4: Access Jenkins via Web Browser

First, we need the IP address assigned to our EC2 instance.

Access Jenkins via the 8080 port.

Next, we need to administrator password to unlock our Jenkins. Invoke the following command in Linux:


Copy the password and paste it to the Administrator password field.

Then click Continue to proceed.

Then Jenkins initializes itself.

Click Install suggested Plugins.

Install plugins

Install plugins

Then Jenkins installs plugins.

Installing plugins

Installing plugins

Still processing.

Installing plugins

Installing plugins

Then Jenkins asks for details for the first admin user it will create.

Create first admin user

Create first admin user


Jenkins is now ready

Jenkins is now ready


Step 5: Successful installation

Successful installation

Successful installation


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