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How to read XML in Kotlin using DOM Parser

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This post demonstrates how to read XML files using DOM Parser which parses and loads the entire XML into memory in a Tree structure which makes it very easy to traverse and manipulate elements.

We are using Kotlin 1.1.

Reading XML files


When reading an XML file using a DOM parser, we create a org.w3c.dom.Document object which represents the XML file whose contents are stored as a tree of elements (technically known as nodes).

XML File – Input File

This is our XML file that’ll be parsed and load into memory by a DOM parser. It’s a copy of books.xml from Microsoft MSDN.

Kotlin Codes – Iterative Traversal

There are no classes here. It is just a Kotlin script with a main function.




Kotlin Codes – Recursive Traversal

Notice that we created a DomRecursiveTraverse class that has a method that traverses a DOM object from a Node object starting point.






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