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PhoneGap – Build as Android App Online

This post demonstrates how to build online a PhoneGap project as an Android app. This uses an existing project created from a previous post PhoneGap – HelloWorld Example via PhoneGap CLI

Build Online

We can build an existing PhoneGap project online via First, an online account is required.


Create an account by clicking Sign Up on the upper-right side of the page. Then, log in to your newly created account.

Zip Important Files

Before we build, we need to know which files are to be zipped and uploaded to

We have these files and folders in our PhoneGap project.


Go into the www folder. Select all files and add them to a zip file.


We then upload the generated file to

Upload and Build online

Step 1 – Create a new app

Step 2 – Upload a zip file


Step 3 – Build

Step 4 – Download

There are two ways to download the built apps – by clicking the Android (or Windows) icon or by QR Code which will require a barcode scanner installed on your phone.


Step 5- Testing Android App

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