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Rust Framework Rocket Goes Stable With No Exact Date

Rust framework Rocket goes stable, starting with version 0.5 and Rust 1.45.0. No doubt, it is one of the best frameworks out there. However, it requires Rust Nightly. When I started learning Rust, I needed to choose between Actix-Web and Rocket. Finally, I chose Actix-Web because I had Rust Stable installed.

Is Rust 0.4 Closer to Stable?

Rust 0.4 is almost there, and people have already started working on the next version. However, some unstable dependencies (e.g., del_macros) are no longer available in the Rocket 0.5 development branch.

Rocket 0.5 Stable Framework Release Date

Rocket 0.5 is still in development. It should compile with Rust 1.45.0 stable. Looking at the planned Rust releases, Rust 1.45.0 will be available around August or September this year. Looking at the Rocket 0.4 announcement blog post, the Rocket team has been working on it since 2018 or even earlier. For instance, the rocket_codegen  has been rewritten to use to-be-stable procedural macro APIs.

Indeed, the Rust framework Rocket going stable soon is great news! This post is now part of the Rust Programming Language For Beginners Tutorial.

UPDATE: It appears Rocket has not yet released version 0.5 after almost a year. They probably meet more time to finalize the current v0.4 development branch.


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