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How to use Hibernate with simple JDBC application


This article demonstrates how to use Hibernate 4.3.x with MySQL 5.6.16 in Java using JDBC.

Software Environment

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1
  • Eclipse – Kepler Release
  • Java 1.7 (1.7.0_67 – Windows x86)
  • MySQL 5.6.16 – Community Server (GPL)
  • MySQL Java Connector 5.1.6
  • Hibernate 4.3.7

Database Set Up

The schema contains 3 tables – T_PERSON, T_EDUCATION, and T_CERTIFICATION. They represent a simple profile for a person in a typical job site like LinkedIn or Run these statements in MySQL Server against a database named hibernatesampledb in the order they are listed here.

Person Table

Education Table

Certification Table

Keys and Indexes

Create Maven Project

Creating a Maven project is simple. For instructions, please follow the instructions on How to create the Maven project in Eclipse.


Java Classes

PersonBean Class

EducationBean Class

CertificationBean Class

Main Class

Hibernate Mapping Files




Configure pom.xml


Download the Project


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