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Laravel 8 PHP Configuration For Local Development Environment

Yesterday, I wrote about how to enable PostgreSQL drive in PHP 7.4. Today, I noticed Laravel 8 is already available. So, I have decided to migrate to Laravel 8 from Laravel 7. This short post shows how to configure some things in PHP 7.4 (PHP 7.x in general) for Laravel 8 for a local development environment.

Stuff I used

  • Windows 10
  • Laravel 7 and Laravel 8
  • PHP 7.4
    • I downloaded a zip distribution and extracted it to a directory

Modify php.ini For Composer

When I installed Laravel locally via the Composer, I got the following error, which is strange because I did not encounter this before.

To fix this, I needed to modify php.ini for Laravel and uncomment the following line.

This may mean that Laravel 8 is now using openssl in some part of its codebase. On the other hand, it is also possible that openssl replaces something similar in Laravel 7. Bottom line, Laravel 8 now requires openssl.

Modify php.ini For Laravel 8

Once I resolved the problem and tried to create a new Laravel project, I got another error, as shown below.

To fix this, I uncommented the following line in the php.ini file.

After fixing those issues, I have not encountered other errors with Laravel 8 so far.

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