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More Elegant way to Retry Operations in Java using Spring

This post talks about a better way to retry failed operations in Java using classes in Spring.



Stuff used in this post.

  • Spring Core 4.2.1.RELEASE

Retry Codes in Vanilla Java

Off the top of our head, how would we code something that does the following?

  • retries a failed operation n  times
  • each retry, the amount of time to wait before next try increases
  • stops retrying an operation after n  times


Here’s mine:


That’s ugly!

Let’s try a better way at doing this.

Back Off


Spring Core has these related interfaces and classes:

They allow us to create the wait-and-retry functionality in a more elegant way.

Using FixedBackOff

These are sample codes for FixedBackOff.



Using ExponentialBackOff

These are codes for ExponentialBackOff.





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