Uno Admin & Dashboard Bootstrap UI Template

Uno Admin & Dashboard is a professional Admin & Dashboard template based on Bootstrap 5 that comes with beautify UI components, forms, tables, charts, pages and icons. Uno Admin does not require jQuery and neither does any of the 3rd-party libraries that the template uses.


  • Customizable: You don’t need to be an expert to customize Uno Admin. Our code is very readable and well-documented.
  • Fully Responsive: With mobile, tablet & desktop support it doesn’t matter what device you’re using. Uno Admin is responsive in all browsers.
  • Cross-Browser: Our themes are working perfectly with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. We’re working hard to support them.
  • Clean Code: We strictly follow Bootstrap’s guidelines to make your integration as easy as possible. All code is handwritten.
  • No jQuery:  Uno Admin, and all third-party libraries used in the admin template, do not require jQuery as a dependency.
  • Regular Updates: From time to time you’ll receive an update containing new components, improvements, and bug fixes.

Quick start


Build tools

The theme includes a custom Webpack file, which can be used to quickly recompile and minify theme assets while developing or for deployment. You’ll need to install Node.js before using Webpack.

Once Node.js is installed, run npm install to install the rest of Uno Admin’s dependencies. All dependencies will be downloaded to the node_modules directory.