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JavaScript Self-Executing Anonymous Functions

This post demonstrates how to create SEAFs (Self-Executing Functions) in JavaScript and briefly shows how AngularJS applications heavily use this function. Software Environment Windows 10 Notepad or Notepad++ AngularJS 1.6.x Plunker – Self-Executing Anonymous Functions An AngularJS the application

Software Development

Your First Proper AngularJS Application

This post demonstrates how to create a proper and typical AngularJS application with controllers. In my previous post Your First AngularJS Application, I didn’t touch on the basics to create a very simple and typical AngularJS application. However, the example allows us to bootstrap the AngularJS application (single-page) and demonstrates the two-way binding feature wherein the characters are displayed as you type them in the textbox.

Software Development

AngularJS Routing with ngRoute

With AngularJS, you write Single Page Applications (SPAs) that uses only a single main page (e.g., index.html) to render its User Interface (UI) component. How the UI visually response to users happens within that single page. Each section of the page may display different content. SPAs generally do not redirect to another main page.

Routing is a way to change the content of one or more sections of the page. One way to do implement it is using ngRoute