Micronaut Client-Side Load Balancing Example In Java

This post shows how to use client-side load balancing in Micronaut with Netflix Ribbon. There’ll be a client application accessing the same URI from multiple instances of another Micronaut application.

Run Multiple Micronaut Applications In IntelliJ Without Docker

Working with Microservices sometimes involves testing multiple instances of an application running on different port numbers. At times, we’d prefer to spawn those instances straight from our IDE, e.g., IntelliJ.

Micronaut Consul Service Discovery Example In Java

Previously, we had an application that reads a property from a distributed configuration. This post shows how to use Micronaut with the Consul’s Service Discovery. We will use two applications

Micronaut Consul Distributed Configuration Example In Java

When we start to build something based on Microservice design, we’d inevitably need a distributed configuration for our applications. Having a distributed configuration makes scaling them out a lot easier.

Spring Boot Upload Multiple Files From Angular

This post shows working code fragments that upload files from a web browser.

Kotlin – Validate XML Against Multiple XSDs

This post is about XML validation against more than one related XSDs – one XSD is included into the main XSD.

Android Dagger2 greenDAO ORM With Service And DAO Layers

This post shows how to create a sample Android app that uses Dagger2 and greenDAO ORM. The codes are also organized in service and DAO layers. Previously, we touched briefly

Android greenDAO ORM For SQLite Example

This post shows how to use greenDAO ORM for SQLite in Android using a demo app. We start with a simple Android project in the Android Studio, create a few

Log In As Different User To pgAdmin 4 Web UI

This post shows how to log in as another user to pgAdmin 4 accessible via a web browser.

DOWNLOAD Videos SHARED On Google Photos

This post shows how to download videos shared on Google Photos to another Gmail account. Meaning, the files are not publicly accessible via links, and another Gmail account to access