List PostgreSQL Configuration Files Using SQL Select

SQL statement to list all locations of configuration files.

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There may be hundreds of custom Ubuntu 18.04 Docker images on Docker Hub that have our favorite development tools. However, many of us would rather create our Ubuntu 18.04 Docker

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Rust Array Size Limit To 32 No More In 1.47.0 Release

Before 1.47.0, there is the Rust array size limit size of 32. This is evident when we get the E0277 error that has the following message.

When Do We

Rust – How to create Two Dimensional Array Example

Rust has a different construct for creating arrays.

Rust Generics With Structs, Functions, Methods, and Enums

Rust Generics is a language feature for code reuse in multiple contexts using different actual types for Structs, Functions, Methods, and Enums. Moreover, they allow for concise and clean codes

What Are References In Rust And How To Use Them?

Understanding what references are in Rust and how to use them is crucial.  A reference is a pointer to a memory location. A location where the data we’re interested in

Panic and Result – Handle Errors in Rust

Errors are a part of Software, and Rust has features to terminate an application using the panic macro and handle failures gracefully with the Result enum. These Rust’s features are

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This post shows how to run Ballerina On Command-Line without installing the Java Development Kit (JDK) in Windows 10 64-bit. Instead, we use a zip distribution of Java with only

Python Basic Syntax – An Introduction For New Learners

In terms of basic syntax, Python 3 has a lot of similarities with Perl, PHP, and Ruby. Many tutorials would include Java, but that is not even remotely true. This