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Micronaut OAuth2 Keycloak Example That Works

This post shows how to use Micronaut applications that use OAuth2 with Keycloak in a Microservice context. Furthermore, it uses two Micronaut applications. The first application allows users (or programs)


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Spring Boot Consul Distributed Configuration Example

This post shows an example of a Spring Boot application that consumes distributed configuration from a Consul instance in a local development environment setup. We’ll generate a Spring Boot project


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Micronaut Client-Side Load Balancing Example In Java

This post shows how to use client-side load balancing in Micronaut with Netflix Ribbon. There’ll be a client application accessing the same URI from multiple instances of another Micronaut application.


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Run Multiple Micronaut Applications In IntelliJ Without Docker

Working with Microservices sometimes involves testing multiple instances of an application running on different port numbers. At times, we’d prefer to spawn those instances straight from our IDE, e.g., IntelliJ.