Among Us Strategy: Defeat The Impostors

Among Us Strategy - The Buddy System For Crewmates

Among Us is an online space-themed multiplayer deduction game developed and published by InnerSloth. The game divides the players into two groups – space crews and impostors. The space crews have goals—one, to complete all tasks essential for their survival. Second, figure out who among them are impostors and vote them out of the game. Similarly, the impostors have goals. One, to kill off as many space crews as possible without blowing their cover before the crews complete all their tasks. Second, to prevent crews from completing their task by sabotage essential facilities. This post describes a teamwork strategy to defeat the impostors in Among Us.

The Buddy System Strategy To Defeat Impostors

The buddy system divides all players into groups of two. Each group will operate as a single unit so that members can monitor and help each other. Using this strategy in Among Us requires teamwork, completing the tasks quickly (both the surviving and “ghost” crewmates), and sacrificing a few crewmates to find out and eliminate the impostors.

How do we set up the buddy system? The grouping can be done before the game starts. Each player chooses which another player to go with and states it on the message board before the game starts. This reduces the chance of the impostors teaming up during the game.

Once we established the buddy system, which of the buddies should do the tasks first? This is easy — the player whose color name comes before the other. For example, black comes before brown because the letter L comes before the letter R. Therefore, the black player can complete his tasks first. That does not mean that the brown player can’t perform his tasks while doing the same tasks.

Once the black play completes his tasks, he can let his buddy know by heading back to the cafeteria’s center or some other starting location. Then, the brown player can lead next to complete his own tasks.

Keep Your Buddy Very Close

When you travel, make sure your buddy can keep up. Try to stay very close together when heading to a location, especially when the lights are off due to a power outage.

When your buddy strays away, he could be an impostor. However, from the other groups’ perspective, the impostor could either or both of you.

What Happens When Someone Dies?

When someone dies in a group of two, the other player has to brave completing his tasks alone. There is a high probability that the surviving player is an impostor.

Try this strategy out as crewmates and win against any number of impostors 95% of the time. The impostors would wish they were crewmates instead!