Content YouTube Channel will soon release video content on a YouTube channel! For these past several weeks, I have been preparing myself to start a YouTube channel for During those weeks, I have done dry runs for shooting videos, speaking in front of the camera, and editing videos. Having done some of the preparations myself, I can say that creating vlogs is not easy, but it is doable.

YouTube Channel Contents

One of the hurdles in starting a YouTube channel is figuring out what its theme would be. For the Turreta, it will be mostly about Computer Programming and practical Software tools and tips in a less nerdy and easy-to-understand format, making the content accessible even to non-technical people.

Accessible To IT Students And Non-Technical People

Part of’s strategy is to make content more available to include IT (Software Development) students and non-technical people.

Intro Video

The following is an introduction clip for videos on’s YouTube Channel.