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Have You Started Using Actix-Web? It May Already Be Dead

Have you started using Actix-Web in your learning of Rust or real projects? Actix-web is now dead and no longer an open-source project. The author has moved it, along with Actix-Net, to his personal GitHub account. He is taking his time thinking about what to do next with those GIT repositories.

Had No Clue Actix-Web Was Dead

I needed to write codes that authenticate users using an HTTP header. I was looking at Actix-web middleware but could not figure it out from the samples and documentation on So, I started searching the Internet for similar solutions using Actix-web Middlewares. Most of them are using older versions of Actix-web. Some are not straight-forward. Others are not simple to follow. I kept searching for other posts and went to the Actix-Web GitHub repository. Then, I saw the Actix Project Postmortem from the author and read it. Yet I searched the Internet again, but this time, for what has started this blow-up.

Losing Actix-Web Has Impacts To Rust

Starting to lose Actix-web impacts Rust. Steve Klabnik posted a blog post that Actix-web is dead. It was the first post I went to in search of answers. The author of Actix-web got fed up with people pointing out his unintentional usage of unsafe.

I’ve never used unsafe unintentionally, I use it because I believe usage is safe. There was no any malicious intentions. I believed it held mutable aliasing invariant and I was very happy that someone found real problem. I wanted to solve the problem, just with a bit of creativity.

It also appears that he has faced “with rude and hate” and felt unappreciated.

Be a maintainer of large open source project is not a fun task. You alway face with rude and hate, everyone knows better how to build software, nobody wants to do home work and read docs and think a bit and very few provide any help.

Have You Started Using Actix-Web?

A lot of people have started using Actix-Web after falling in love with Rust. It has become the de facto framework for most of us. With Actix-Web probably dead, what happens next?

UPDATESActix-Web is back!

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