Secure Actix-Web Application With TLS

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This post is about how to secure an Actix-web web application with TLS in Rust.


These are items used for this post.

New Actix-Web Application

First, create a new project in Ubuntu using the following command. We are using Ubuntu because it has build tools related to TLS. Then, copy the 2 pem files to the project directory – please do not use these files in real environments. Actix-Web application uses these files with TLS to secure its communications with the clients.

Then, we update Cargo.toml to add some dependencies. We need to ssl feature of the Actix-Web crate.

Next, we update main.rs as follows. The application simply returns a list of country codes when users request for the /countries URI. However, the key lines related to TLS are lines 18-21.

Test Secure Actix-Web Application

For testing, we use Mozilla Firefox because it allows for accessing URLs with self-signed SSL certificates. First, build the application using cargo build command. Then, run it using cargo run command.

Next, access the URL https://localhost:8088/countries using a web browser.

This test is for demonstration purposes only.

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Karl San Gabriel

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