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How to install Rust on Windows 10

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Rust Language

There are two ways to install Rust on Windows 10. Through rustup-init.exe  and curl within the Windows Subsystem for Linux. This post uses that .exe  file.

Tested with:

  1.  Rust 1.37.0
  2. Windows 10
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools 2019

Download MS Visual C++ Build Tools 2019

Go to and click the Download button for Build Tools for Visual Studio 2019.

Install MS Visual C++ Build Tools 2019

Double-click the installer.

Then, click Continue for the installer to start downloading installation files to the local machine.

Wait until the download completes and choose the option to install only the build tools.

After the installation, Windows may require a restart.

Download rust-init.exe

Go to and click the RUST-INIT.EXE button.

Run rust-init.exe

Double-click the file to start the installation process.

Then, a welcome screen is displayed. If something similar to the below image is presented, we are good to proceed with the installation.

Then, choose 1 and hit Enter.

Next, the installer begins downloading installation files and install them.

Finally, the installation completes.

Test Installation

Open a new Windows command line, and run rustc --version.

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