Lenovo ThinkPad T495: Just Bought It!

I am a Software Developer

I am a developer. I work on Java projects. These include web applications and web services. I also do front-end development using Angular and make use of Docker containers for microservices. I am building things in my free time!

About the Purchase

Today I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad T495 online. I kept looking at this product for several weeks but could not make up my mind. I wanted an AMD Rayzen 7 Pro 3700U but could only get a maximum of 8GB onboard memory plus a 16GB selectable memory. That is just only 24GB of RAM, all in all. It may be enough but I wanted a future-proof and durable laptop that could last and remain usable for a decade. I had a Dell Vostro 2200

AMD Rayzen 5 Pro 3500U

I chose AMD Rayzen 5 Pro 3500U because the maximum onboard memory I could have is 16GB. I also chose a 16GB selectable memory to have a total of 32 GB of RAM.

Other Configuration Details

Here is the other configuration of my T495.

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64

Although this is my personal laptop, I chose this because I will use it for product development

Hard Drive: 512GB Solid State Drive, M.2 2280, NVMe, Opal

I think this is good enough. The company laptop I have, which is T460, only has 237 GB. I still manage to work on 3 Java projects at the same time and still have 50GB free space.

Display: 14.0″ FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS, Anti-Glare, 250nits

This is good enough for me. I don’t do games. I try to avoid them at all costs.

Microsoft Productivity Software: Microsoft Office 365 Personal

It is a little cheaper to have it bundled with the machine than purchased separately.

Graphics Card: Integrated Graphics

I am not doing games!

Security Software: McAfee Internet Security-15 Month

I actually prefer ESET because my wife also uses ESET on her machine. But this is fine for me for now.

Warranty and Protection

I chose the following

  • 3Y Accident Damage Protection Add On
  • 3Y Depot/CCI upgrade from 1Y Depot/CCI

I should receive it in 2 weeks and make another post until then.

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