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Angular – Pass Data from One Component to Another

This post shows how to pass data from one component to another in Angular using @Input. Also, we embed a component’s selector in another component’s HTML. Therefore, in that sense, we are passing data from a parent to a child component. We are not discussing URLs and redirects.

We have migrated the codes from Angular 7.20 to 15.0.0.

Angular Requirements

  • Angular CLI 15.0.4
  • NPM 8.19.2
  • Node 18.12.1
  • Internet connection

Create a new Component in Angular

This part assumes that we have an existing fresh application generated via

To create a new component, use the following:

Next, we need a new property in the child component to store any value from the app (parent) component.

We need to decorate property childDetails @Input(‘parameterChildDetails’). The ‘parameterChildDetails‘ is how ‘childDetails‘ is referred to or known outside the component.

Pass Data from Parent Component

In app.component.html, we pass values as follows:

The Angular application does a one-way data transfer – from parent to child component. However, we can also do the other way – pass data from the child to the parent component!

Test Angular Pass Data Component

The page looks like this:

Angular Pass Data Component

Download the Files

We have migrated the codes to Angular 15. Please check the codes out on our GitHub account.

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