AWS – Two A Records with Alias to refer to Load Balancer

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This post demonstrates how to point your domain to an AWS Load Balancer resource using two (2) A Records, and we will use my domain name

Hosted Zone

Before creating a Hosted Zone, register a domain name, e.g., It must be your domain purchase from AWS or other domain name registrar like Namecheap.

If you have a Namecheap domain and want to create a Hosted Zone for, please look at Point your Namecheap domain to EC2 instance via Route53.

Create Hosted Zone

Initial Records – NS and SOA

A newly created Hosted Zone has only NS and SOA records.

Point and  to Load Balancer

There are two (2) ways to do this.

Configuration 1

Create an A Record with alias and point to the load balancer. Then, create another A Record with an alias for and point it to the first A Record created.

Configuration 2

Create A Records (with alias) for and

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