AWS – Point your Namecheap domain to EC2 instance via Route53

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This post demonstrates how to use your Namecheap domain in AWS and point it to an EC2 instance via Route53.


  • A Namecheap domain you own
    • I will use mine – origdoc.com
  • AWS Account
    • An Elastic IP pointed to an EC2 instance running Apache Web Server

Elastic IP and EC2

Before anything else, create an Elastic IP and associate it with an EC2 instance.


Install Apache via User Data

During the creating of an EC2 instance, use the following as input to the User Data section.

Create a Hosted Zone in Route53 console


Specify Domain Name – origdoc.com

Click Create and following initial Record Sets are created.

Add 2 new Record Sets

These 2 Record Sets will enable us to point both origdoc.com and www.origdoc.com to our EC2 instance.

Go to Namecheap

Go to Namecheap.com and update the domain nameservers to ns-604.awsdns-11.net, ns-94.awsdns-11.com, ns-1120.awsdns-12.org, and ns-1771.awsdns-29.co.uk. This is taken from your newly created Hosted Zone in Route53.




Before testing out the domain, give it a few minutes to allow the nameserver change to take effect.

Test via EC2 Public IP

Test via origdoc.com

Test via www.origdoc.com


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Karl San Gabriel

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