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ReactJS – Starter Project

When learning React Native, one has a good understanding of the basics of ReactJS. Otherwise, he or she’ll feel lost and may implement a solution that is not in conformity with React (JS or Native).  A good starter project for ReactJS is important as it provides an already working initial project so that newbie developers can begin coding right away.

Stuff Required

  • Microsoft Visual Studio code
  • NodeJS
    • Using 8.11.3 for Windows for this post
  • NPM
    • Using 6.4.1 for Windows for this post
  • Windows 10

Starter Project

This project, which has been tried locally, is based on another project at Some other projects have broken “setup” with npm/node stuff perhaps to outdated binaries.

Tested on November 19, 2019.

Running the Project

Download the project or clone via git.

Do npm install

Start the project



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