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Xerces C++ : Test Slow XML Validation against XSDs with unique and key elements

This post demonstrates that even Xerces C++ is as slow as Java when validating an XML file with 300,000 elements against an XSD with <xs:unique> or <xs:key> constraint on those elements.

Using Java

In the previous post – Very Slow XML Validation against XSDs with <xs:unique> and <xs:key> elements, we used Java.

Using Xerces C++

We are using binaries for Windows.


Xerces C++ can be downloaded from this link –

Don’t write C++ codes

Instead of writing codes, we could use the pre-built applications that go along with the binary release.


Using PParse.exe



Using our Test XML and XSD files

Testing  with <xs:unique> constraint

We can see that the application has not yet completed the validation after ~5 to 6 minutes. This is very slow already.


Testing  without <xs:unique> constraint

This time it took less than 6 seconds.

But was the XML really validated against the XSD?

Yes! We used an invalid element “nameXX” and the XML validation failed.


Final Word

Using <xs:unique> or <xs:key> elements for validation is fine. However, if we are processing huge number of elements, using these constraints has a negative impact on an application’s performance.


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