The fastest way to resolve Android Studio “No JVM Installation Found…” error

The fastest way to resolve the Android Studio “No JVM Installation Found. Please install a 64-bit JDK…” without creating the JAVA_HOME environment and using installers.

Stuff Used

Windows 10 Enterprise – 64 bit

The user account in used has not privilege to install new Software applications via installers.

JDK 1.8

This is a zip version downloaded from Oracle and extracted to some local directory, i.e.,

Android Studio IDE

This is a zip version downloaded from https://developer.android.com/studio/. The build used for this post is 173.4720617 for Windows.

Extract the files to some local directories. Although not a requirement, make sure the complete directory does not have any spaces in it, e.g. This is just to rule out any bugs that may be due to spaces in directory.

Modify bin\studio.bat

To make things work, we directly set JAVA_EXE to C:\Users\xxxxx\Desktop\yyyyy\dev\jdk1.8.0_102\bin\java.exe. Then save the file and double-click on studio.bat.

Karl San Gabriel

Karl San Gabriel

Java and Enterprise Technologies Expert