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Add members to IBM Bluemix Git Projects

This post demonstrates how to add member developers to an existing Git project in IBM Bluemix.


  • Two (2) IBM Bluemix accounts
    • Account 1
      • Username: @karl.sangabriel
      • owner of a private Git repository –
      • to add a member developer to his Git project
    • Account 2
      • Username: @sangabriel.karl
      • a new member developer in the private Git repository
      • Personal Access Token
  • Fast Internet connection
  • SourceTree
  • Windows 10
  • Chrome Web Browser

Add a member Developer

Using Account 1

Go to our own Git project. Go to the Members tab.


Search for the other account’s username and select it.

Assign a Developer role and click Add to project.



We successfully added a member to our Git project.

Clone Git Project

Using Account 2

Login to our second account. Note we have the app-turreta-com project in our Your projects list.


We need a Personal Access Token to be used when cloning the Git project using SourceTree.


Verify Git project. It is the Git project owned by @karl.sangabriel.

Clone using SourceTree

For the password, use the Personal Access Token we created earlier.




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