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Install Git in Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS EC2

This post will show how to install Git in Red Hat Enterprise Linux in AWS EC2.


  • AWS Account
  • Email address
  • Provisioned EC2 instance with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AMI
  • Putty
  • Fast Internet Connection

Provision an EC2 Instance

We require a EC2 already provisioned. Please revisit the following blog post.

Provision a Server (EC2) on AWS

Convert .pem files to.pkk for putty

We may reuse existing key pair generated from previously provisioned EC2 instances to avoid converting .pem to .pkk files over and over. In case there is a circumstance that requires new key pair to be generated, please revisit the following blog post.

Convert the PEM files to a PPK files using PuttyGen

Install Git

1. Perform System Update

Not really required but it is recommended and a good practice.



2. Install Git



Now we can verify the installation using the following command:


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