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Kotlin – Compile and Run from Windows Command Line

This post demonstrates how to compile and run Kotlin from Windows Command Line. For Unix/Linux, it should be quite similar.

Java Version

The examples here use Java 8. Since we are compiling codes, we need the JDK.

Download Kotlin Compiler


To compile Kotlin codes, we require Kotlin compiler. Each release ships with a standalone version of the compiler.

We can download it from

Then, extract it to some directory.

Note, the src contains our .kt source code file.

The files of interest are in kotlin-compiler-1.1.2-2/kotlinc/bin

All files that do not have file extensions are used for Unix/Linux platforms.

Set Environment Variables


When we run “java” on the Windows command line and the following happens, we need to set JAVA_HOME.


To set JAVA_HOME, invoke the following.

Set PATH to Kotlin compiler bin directory

To run any of the .bat files from the Kotlin compiler bin directory from any directory, include that directory to the PATH environment variable.

Our Kotlin Codes

We have only one source code file.


It has the following codes.

The codes should display "Hello, World!" on the command line window.

Compiling Codes as Executable Jar file

Run the following command.

The key parameter to the kotlinc is the -include-runtime. It allows us to create a jar file that is self-contained and runnable by including the Kotlin runtime library in it.

Compiling Codes as a library

Run the following command.


Notice we did not include -include-runtime. This means the Kotlin runtime will be needed as, for example, a maven dependency when we use the jar file.

Running our Kotlin Program

There are two ways to run it.


HelloWorldKt is from "HellowWorld.kt" string which is the file name of our source code file.



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