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Eclipse Mars and Project Lombok

Correct Versions


For Eclipse Mars.2 Release (4.5.2), Lombok 1.16.16 works in generating those getters and setters. If you are new to using Project Lombok, chances are you’ve tried a wrong version of it for your Eclipse.

It will take a little research to know which version is compatible with your IDEA.

Installation Steps Still Work

In, there is a demo video. It also demonstrates how to setup Lombok on your machine for Eclipse.

The instructions are still valid but you may need to double-check your Lombok and Eclipse version.

My Codes now use Lombok


The decision to use Lombok is due to the fact, I lately realized, that I am developing a huge application alone. I did not see it coming. Therefore, my approach needs to be leaner with less typing, more flexible design, and maximum reusability on components.

By using a annotation, Lombok takes care of my POJOs by generating all the getters and setters among other things.


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