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Set all bean Properties with values from .properties file


This post demonstrates how to set all the bean properties with values from .properties file using Spring Boot. We are not going to set them one at a time. We want to set them all at the same time using the following Spring annotations.

Use Spring Initializr

For off, we’ll use Spring Initializr to generate our initial codes. You may refer to Create a Spring Boot Application using IntelliJ. For this post, you may select no dependencies in step 3.

Update pom.xml

Modify your pom.xml to include the following dependency.

Update Main class with @EnableConfigurationProperties

You have to annotate your main class.


Annotate bean with @Component and @ConfigurationProperties

Next you have to annotate your bean.

The prefix attribute will enable Spring to pick up properties that start with that prefix value.

The .properties contains the following properties.


Note that property names with hyphen or dash (“-“), Spring will convert the following character to uppercase. is interpreted as firstconfig.appVersion.

Sample Output

Download the Codes

You may download the codes from


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