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Installing SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Version 7.0.09 in Windows 7



SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Version 7.0.09 for Java is old application. It is an IDE for developing Web Dynpro for Java applications. recommends using the latest available version of the product.

Hardware Environment


Software Environment

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1
  • Java 2 SDK 1.4.2 for Windows 32-bit
  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio Version 7.0.09 for Java
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server
    • ​  – 7.00 SP26 (1000.
    • – 7.00 SP26 (1000.

Run the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.00 for Java Installer Application

Download SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio for Java installer application from SAP. Please note that you or your organization must be a SAP client to download the application from some SAP server and have valid license to use this product.

The downloaded installer is a zip file that contains several files. The file to double-click in order to start the installation process is IDE70setup.exe.


The .exe file has the following details.



1. Double-click IDE70setup.exe


2. Specify a path where to install SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio


3. Specify the path to Java 2 SDK 1.4.2


4. Specify the proxy your organization uses. This may be optional depending on whether you use proxy or not to connect to a network.


5. Specify hosts do not need proxy to connect to. This may be optional. Then, click “Finish” to start the installation process.


6. The installer copies and registers files. This may take several minutes.



7. Installation Finishes


Configure SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.0.09

Once the installation is done. You need to configure SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to connect to and work with a SAP NetWeaver Application Server.

1. Start SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.0.09 by double-clicking a shortcut created on your Desktop right after the installation process


Then, the IDE opens up.



2. Go to Windows -> Preferences -> SAP J2EE Engine and specify the host and port for “Message Server Host” and “Message Server Port”, respectively.


3. Go to Windows -> Preferences -> Java Development Infrastructure -> Development Configuration Pool and specify a URL to a SAP NetWeaver Server


4. Modify your system’s hosts file. This may be optional depending on your system configuration.


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