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SQL Update on a Date Column in Informix

Informix is old-school, as evident in how we perform SQL updates on a date column. If I had my way, Java applications that use it should start (Ahora Mismo!) moving to other RDBMSs that are modern, robust, scalable, and cheaper instead of reusing a fossil. This is just one among many ways to escape vendor lock-in. I bet slowly but surely.

An Unusual SQL Update in Informix

To perform an SQL Update on a Date column in Informix through some other SQL Editor like Aqua Studio, do something like this:

You may not be able to perform the “normal” update of a date using your preferred editor or older libraries.

Informix Lives On

Although I rant about this unusual SQL update (plus other weird stuff) in Informix, no doubt IBM has modernized it and kept it up-to-date. Moreover, Informix is still one of the most reliable database platforms we can use.

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