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IBM Informix Developer Edition 11.70 on Window XP

The General Configuration that Works

  1. Informix Developer Edition (
  2. Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (Physical or virtual machine)

Pre-installed Applications on Windows XP

Except for GSKit8, the applications listed were the only ones installed before Informix.


List of programs installed

Informix Successfully Installed


Informix menu items

Connecting to the server locally

If you are familiar with MySQL, dbaccess.exe is something similar to the mysql client program.


Local connection

Listing the Existing Databases

I am new to Informix and its tools but this is nothing more than invoking how I would list the available databases in MySQL using the mysql client program.


Database Listing

This configuration could serve as a baseline for new environments.

If you are new to IBM Informix, you may encounter an error stating that transaction is not supported. To resolve this, you need to create the database (via the dbaccess program) with logging enabled.

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