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MD5 Digest in Solaris 5.10


A little bit of context. I took part in releasing an IBM Tivoli/Netcool OMNIbus WebGUI 7.3.1 fix pack to Fix Central and needed to transfer binaries between servers. Each represents a distribution for a specific operating system. The files are huge – ~900Mb each on average. Which Fix Pack? It’s classified.

Anyway, I wanted to ensure the files were transfered without errors. A bit of paranonia, would you not agree? I did not want ending up with damaged files in the middle of publishing a release or , worse, in the hands of our valued customers. To do this, I generated MD5 digests for each ditribution on SunOS 5.10.


Since I had several files, I redirected the output to some file:

I did the same thing on the destination serve after the file transfer and compared the digests with the previously created ones.


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