File-Sharing Between Windows XP And OpenSUSE 11.3 Through Samba

If you have worked on multi-platform JEE applications that are released to customers in installer form, you most likely have worked with virtual machines to replicate issues and test code changes on. Transferring files between your machine and virtual machines would be a commonplace.

For Microsft Windows virtual machines, file-sharing configuration is easy. On the other hand, setting up Linux VMs for file-sharing may not be as easy as everyone would expect.

Let us try enabling file-sharing between Windows XP and OpenSUSE 11.3 by configuring and bringing up Samba on the Linux distro.


  • Windows XP Professional (Recommended)
  • Vmware
  • OpenSUSE 11.3 (to be installed as virtual machine using vmware)

Configure Samba on OpenSUSE 11.3

1. Click Samba Server on YaST2


2. On the Start-Up tab, check “During Boot”


3. Shares tab


4. Identity Tab


5. Hit Ok and restart Linux

Connect to Linux from Windows

1.Go to which the Linux Virtual Machine’s IP address


2. Linux Authentication


3. User’s home directory in Linux


NOTE: karl user is root. Created during the Linux installation.

Now, you will be able to easily transfer files between your local machine and OpenSUSE11.3 virtual machine.

Karl San Gabriel

Karl San Gabriel

Java and Enterprise Technologies Expert