Log In As Different User To pgAdmin 4 Web UI

This post shows how to log in as another user to pgAdmin 4 accessible via a web browser.

DOWNLOAD Videos SHARED On Google Photos

This post shows how to download videos shared on Google Photos to another Gmail account. Meaning, the files are not publicly accessible via links, and another Gmail account to access

Rust Find Duplicate Files With The Same Digests

This post shows how to find duplicate files in Rust with the same digests. The codes display list of duplicate files under the same digest. Personal Use Case I have

JavaScript – Convert Function to String and Back

This post demonstrates how to convert a JavaScript function to string and using the same string to declare and execute a method dynamically.

Turreta.com YouTube Channel

Turreta.com will soon release video content on a YouTube channel! For these past several weeks, I have been preparing myself to start a YouTube channel for Turreta.com. During those weeks,

Rust – Display Contents of Array, Tuple, HashMap and Vector

This post is about displaying the contents of Arrays , Tuples , HashMaps  and Vectors  in Rust.

Ways To Compare Strings in Rust – Functions And Operators

In Rust, we can use the eq(), eq_ignore_ascii_case() , and == .

docker-compose.yml For PgAdmin And PostgreSQL

In this post, we’ll set up PgAdmin and PostgreSQL containers with docker-compose.yml for local development. We’ll also configure PgAdmin to access the PostgreSQL database under the same bridge network. Typically,

Execute specific unit test in Maven using Eclipse

Okay, your project has hundreds of unit tests, but you only need to execute one or perhaps only all tests from a JUnit test file. Maven allows for that, and

PostgreSQL Terminate Active Connections

SQL statement to terminate active connections